What’s new on followers-and-likes.com?

At followers-and-likes.com we try to deliver our best to our customers so that they get the desired result at the right time. As a result many of our customers have stayed with us for a long time. But having said that we always want to make things easier, convenient and quicker for our customers. To facilitate this transformation, we have made several changes on our website in the last 6 months. We are proud to say that these changes have been really liked by you people and we are overwhelmed by your response. We have not only been able to retain our customers but our customer base has grown during this transformation period. We would like to brief you about the changes we have brought about in this transformation.

  • Instant Delivery Our delivery time, since our inception, has been quite good. But we wanted to make our services real-time quick. We did not want our customers to wait for long to receive our services after they have posted on their social media page. Hence, we have started instant delivery of Instagram likes, followers, and comments. As soon as you place your order, likes, followers or comments start pouring in on your Instagram profiles. This concept of instant delivery has also been extended to our new services of Soundcloud and Vine. Do check out our latest services.
  •  Profile State Check Using our services requires your social media profiles to be public. This fact was missed by some of our customers due to which there would be a delay in delivering our services to them. This issue was particularly applicable for our most popular Instagram services. And then came our profile state check strategy. Now, customers are intimated about their privacy settings when they are choosing any Instagram item. We do not accept any orders unless the user has turned his/her page visibility to public. An error notice shows up asking user to change his/ her profile visibility settings.  This enables us to provide instant delivery, as promised by us, of our services.
  • Username Check We want to ensure that our customer has provided the correct username so that we do not have to get back to the customer later due to any error in providing the required information. Our username check method during an item selection has eliminated all such problems. Profile existence check detects if profile for that user exists or not. Customers are intimated through a notice if the user is not found and the item is not added to cart. This check also formats the username according to our requirement. All such checks have made things easier and smoother not only for us but more importantly for our customers.
  • Start Count It is very important that we verify the delivery of our services so as to avoid any confusion later regarding the order. In view of this, we now record the state of the user’s profile at the time of order. The current count of user’s followers is now appended to the username in the ‘Username/ Link’ information field. This is information is recorded in the order receipt that is emailed to our customers after checkout. Currently we are providing the start count for Instagram and Twitter followers services. We plan to extend this to our Facebook and other services as well.
  • Instagram Post Selection This is one of our best feature that has been implemented off late. Choosing posts, which the customers wants likes on, has now become a matter of simple selection from a dialog box. You no longer have to provide us the link to your posts. A dialog with all your posts props up once you enter your username in the ‘Username/Link’ field of Instagram Likes items. It then becomes a matter of simply selecting the pics you want the likes on and the likes would be evenly distributed among the selected posts. The maximum selection limit is also defined for each product. We have also provided an option in the dialog for those who want uneven distribution of likes. The user, however, would have to provide the links himself/ herself in this case. This feature has received an overwhelming response from our clients.
  • Instagram Auto-Likes Subscription The idea behind this feature is to provide likes on posts on Instagram in real time without any delay or manual intervention. Thus, we came up with Instagram Auto-Likes Subscription. By just subscribing once, you can get likes on your pics or videos on Instagram as soon as you post one. And the likes are not always a fixed number. It is 80-120% of your subscription amount, thus to make things look real.
  • Instagram Views Just as soon as Instagram included the feature of number of views on videos on Instagram app, we launched our newest service Instagram Views for Videos. We are proud to be the first and only few sellers to provide this service. Now apart from likes get more views on your video clips as well.

We are extremely delighted to have made things easier for our customers through this series of changes. We would continue to improve our processes and business strategies to keep our customers happy.