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What should you do after you buy Twitter followers?

A general question that arises in everyone’s mind after they have purchased Twitter followers is “What to do next?” Well there are a few steps that one must follow in order to strategically build their Twitter followings. Here are they.

a) Let the effect sink-in

Once you have bought a 1000 Twitter followers, wait for a few days to see the effect. Almost invariably you should see a rise of around 30-50 followers. These followers would mostly come from the network of your already established followers.

b) Buy more Twitter followers

After these 3 – 4 days, buy another package of 10000 or 25000 Twitter followers. In these 3-4 days the people that would be following you should see your numbers increasing fast. How it is going to work is that it would make them spread your news using hashtags (##), word-of-mouth advertising, and in-turn publicize your Twitter profile.

c) Buy a mega pack

To multiply your followers, next go for the 100000¬†Twitter followers or the 1 million Twitter followers package. The effect of step ‘a’ would now be felt but it would be quake. Followers would rush in as you get more and more hash-tagged and publicized.