Twitter for Business

When you plan to set-up a business, its promotion becomes as important as its core functioning. Using social networking sites like Twitter is a great way of b2c marketing. Here are some of the reasons for

Why should you use Twitter for your business??

  • Twitter is semi-official

Twitter is not Facebook. Tweets are taken more seriously than a Facebook status or post. Facebook, though has a page feature for brands, businesses, etc., it’s mostly used for casual networking with friends than connecting with an audience. Anything that appears on your or your business’s Twitter page is almost considered official. Thus, tweeting should be done thoughtfully as it can directly affect your brand value.

  • Twitter is powerful

The story of Flappy Birds’s developer Don Nguyen is a perfect example of how Twitter can be used to market and tell people about your products. In just 28 days the game had amassed nearly 16 million tweets. Tweets hash tagged #FlappyBird had passed 500,000 counts a day. Don brilliantly used Twitter to present a peek into his new game, when it was in its developmental stage, then tweeted the news of its launch on Twitter. He could also communicate with his fans and game-lovers directly on Twitter. When he announced the countdown to his game’s launch on android platform, his Tweets started getting viral. Some of his competitors, irked by his meteoric rise to fame, even accused Don of buying people to download his game and tweet about it. All the accusations of Don using unethical ways to increase his downloads could not be established though. Even the official App store acknowledged his game’s success by tweeting about it, thus boosting his Twitter popularity.

  • Twitter is completely free

As like other social media sites, using Twitter costs nothing but your time. It is a great medium to showcase products in front of an established user-base. With just time and tweeting skills you can popularize your business and brand.

  • Twitter can be synced

One can synchronize other social sites like Facebook with Twitter. So, any of your post on Facebook can immediately appear on Twitter without requiring double effort. Your tweets can even be made available on your business website, by just pasting an html code in your webpage.

  • Twitter can be tweaked

Like all social networking sites, Twitter can be manipulated to one’s advantage. To achieve Don-like recognition on Twitter, one can artificially increase Twitter followers or spread tweets. It is recommended to use this method only during nascent period of your business or when you need a big boost for your sales. Read this post to all about benefiting from Twitter.