5 Steps to Leverage your Social Profiles

With the rampant growth of social media and its influence, our social media profiles are now not limited to casual chit-chat platform. If smartly and effectively utilized, these social media sites can be leveraged to earn mass recognition, promote our business, cause, and turn efforts into money. Here I list down ways to leverage your social profiles into something meaningful and worth while.


  • Create a Facebook page: Promoting a brand, business, cause or campaign through a Facebook page is highly recommended to give your purpose a strong push. Gaining audience who might be interested in your page becomes very easy through a Facebook page. The more you can increase visitors to your Facebook page the more you would popularize your brand by earning Facebook likes.
  • Advertise on Facebook: To boost your Facebook page or your website, one can create advertisements on Facebook. These ads appear in the notification area, advertisement boxes on the right side container of users with interests that you choose while selecting your audience. Getting people to know about your page becomes possible by fueling your campaign with paid Facebook ads.


  • Use Google+ authorship: Google introduced the authorship feature in search result snippets. If you have an account on Google+, your article and posts that appear in search results of Google would have your thumbnail. These rich snippets are given preference by Google in its search algorithm and thus increase your page’s PR on Google.
  • Share content on Google+: Sharing your content through your Google+ profile is directly telling Google to index your content fast. Besides sharing serious content on Google+ is more meaningful than sharing that on Facebook, as the former has matured users. Try sharing on Friday mornings and evenings to earn more +1 shares.


  • Tweet your mind: Tweeting is a good way of sharing your content, opinion, brand or anything on your mind, in brief. Tweets can go viral if you #tag popular events, persons, etc. All public personalities, bands, businesses use Twitter as a media to express themselves. In fact, there’s always a horde to have more and more number of followers on Twitter profile. Some even pay money to get Twitter followers.


  • This visuals sharing platform is the best suited to models, photographers, fashion designers, painters, and others who garner audience through visual appeal. Promotion through visuals is always more appealing to the audience than words. Instagram’s feature of editing photographs before uploading them is a handy tool to create artistic effects and wow your audience to follow your profile. Having a large number of followers on Instagram is always bonus for photographers and models. To launch your Instagram profile, you can buy Instagram followers for your account or likes for your pictures here. This is a very popular tactic used by people on all social media sites.