Is buying Facebook likes safe?

When it comes to buying likes for Facebook page the first question that comes to our mind is “Is buying Facebook likes safe?”. The fear of being penalized by Facebook or worse getting banned  by it for buying likes, definitely worries us; it is more so for those who buy likes for the first time. But we would like to assure you that purchasing likes for Facebook page is completely safe and is not in any way violating the terms and conditions set up by Facebook for the use of their services. The following points should eliminate your doubts and fear.

One can use these services maliciously to eliminate competition.

If buying likes for one’s page were illegal, one could buy likes for other’s pages as well and get their pages banned by Facebook. But this would be really unfair as their is no way to prove that the likes were not purchased by the page owner. Such tactics would be maliciously used to damage the reputation of one’s competitors and destroy their pages. Had buying likes for Facebook page been illegal, there would have been a rampant problem of pages being restricted for no justifiable reasons.

Facebook terms and conditions doesn’t prevent buying likes.

The terms and conditions laid down by Facebook for its services nowhere mentions that purchasing likes is prohibited. Therefore, if one increases the number of likes of a page by purchasing those, it is not in contradiction to Facebook’s policies.

In short, buying Facebook Likes is perfectly safe. We recommend purchasing an amount of likes that is suitable for your business; for example, a small record store may only have 1000 Facebook Likes, which looks legitimate. Purchasing 10,000 likes for this record store might seem a little suspicious, especially if the page has had very little activity history. If you are purchasing Facebook Likes, make sure you pick a safe and recognized source like us and pick an amount that makes sense for your page. Find out how you can buy Facebook likes cheaply and easily.