How to increase traffic to your Facebook page?

Now-a-days, every group, organization, band, community, and people trying to create a brand name for themselves has a Facebook page. And there’s no wonder why it is so. But the method to increase traffic to your Facebook page, so that you keep building audience, requires understanding of what your potential fan is looking for on your page.

The following are some of the important points that can help you gain, retain and actively engage your Facebook audience.

5 Steps to increase traffic to your Facebook page

Build quality into what your page is about

The most important thing that is necessary to build fans on your page is to impress your audience with quality content on your page. If the core isn’t impressive and the superficial decoration is not going to hold on to your audience. Consider I-phone as an example. If the i-phone’s design wasn’t as sleek and impressive as it is and its performance so superb, it would not have had so many buyers and so many fans. Inculcate a wow factor or an emotional connect into the page’s subject. So, even before you create a Facebook page, build quality into the subject of the page.

Post engaging content

When posting on your page, post content which the viewers would love to read and share with others. Use your posts as a medium to attract more people through your established fans. Provide incentives to those who can get posts shared a number of times. Give them special title like “super fans”.

Post often

Make it a habit to post regularly. You are not going to have an active fan following if you are not active yourself. To keep your audience engaged you need to regularly provide them fresh content. As an example, if you want to promote a project you should post your project updates on your Facebook page. If you have nothing exciting to share about your own page, then post something interesting that you have recently come across. Such interesting off-the-context posts can be used as fillers and keep the traffic to your page.

Provide surprises and offers

If you have a Facebook page of your company or organization, like this one that we have, you can provide special offers such as discounts, early bird offers, limited edition offers, signature articles to your Facebook fans. If you are a music band or you are a single artist you can post exclusive gigs, portraits, videos, etc to delight your audience. For non-profit organizations, Facebook page is the best possible medium of reaching out to people and get them to join in your cause. A production house company can provide a sneak peek into their upcoming movie or post special interviews and behind the scenes on their page. All these exclusive stuff is guaranteed to draw audience to your page

Run campaigns and competitions

Hosting quizzes, polls and other competitions on Facebook page is another way to develop an active fan-base. If you work for a social cause run a campaign on your page to highlight your cause. If you want to promote your product then run a quiz about your company or the product and offer the product as the winning prize. It is an amazing way to let people know about your company and build long lasting relations with your customers. If you want to launch a completely new product into the market then you can organize a competition on your Facebook page and keep a popular product such as an I-Phone as the overall winner’s prize and give away your product to the daily/ weekly winners.

Lastly, but most importantly build a page for a subject not a subject for a page just as a website is to be build for its viewers and just not for search engines.