Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is a an interesting way of highlight your content and connecting and building audience for it. Creating an ad on Facebook is very simple. It provides great flexibility in choosing your ad type, deciding your audience, choosing your result metrics, scheduling budget, and the basis of charging. The following are the points that are required while building your ad.

Results for ads:

The purpose of advertising on Facebook can be any one of the following 8 types.

Page Post Engagement – to boost your posts and increase the number of likes, comments, shares, video plays and photo views.

Page Likes – to build audience on Facebook. Create fans for your page.

Clicks to Website – to encourage Facebook users to visit your website.

Website Conversions – to promote specific actions for people to take on your website. Record conversions using a conversion-tracking pixel.

App Installs – to encourage people to install your app.

App Engagement – to get more activity on your app

Event Responses – to promote your event

Offer Claims – to promote offers you have created on Facebook.

Types of Ads:

Facebook allow three kinds of ads on its pages.

Desktop News Feed –  This type of ad appears in line with stories. It is

Right Column – Such ads appear in the right section the Facebook page reserved for promotion and revenue generation.

Mobile News Feed – This type of ad is similar to desktop new feed except that it appears on small devices like mobile phones and tablets.

Selecting the Audience

The audience of your ad can be selected based on the following common demographic features – locations, age, gender and languages. Besides, audience can further be refined based on their interests and connections. There are various other categories like family status, job status and sub categories like away from home, event planners etc, which can be used to target specific audience.

The audience definition meter shows the specificity or broadness of your selected audience.

Campaign and Budget

This section is used to assign a name to your Facebook campaign and choose the budget scheme either on a daily budget or a lifetime budget. The run time of the campaign can also be chosen in this section.

Bidding and Pricing

The bid type can be set in this section. Bids can be set for post engagement, website clicks, app installs, impressions of ad and all the result types that the ad is run for. The pricing is decided on the intended result type as well.

Facebook ads is the latest way of using social media to publicize your content. Make ads that suit your purpose and targets your audience.