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“Whether to buy or not to buy cheap Facebook likes?” This is a question that you might have wondered about while trying to build your fans on Facebook. But before I delve into the details of this question, I would like to answer the basic question – “Why should you have a Facebook page?”

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Why a Facebook page is necessary ?

Facebook is the biggest social media company in the world. Since beginning in 2004, it has grown to have more than a billion users and a market cap of $164.27 billion (Source: Yahoo finance). The benefits of taking advantage of Facebook’s reputation outreach are considerable. If you’re looking to utilize Facebook in the most effective way possible for your plans, it is necessary to know why you should have a popular Facebook page for your brand.

  • Strong social profile is a pre-requisite for good jobs

Why have Facebook likes for a good social media job?

If you want to throw yourself into social marketing, social media promotion business, facilitation, or anything involving large public interaction, you must have a large following on your social profile to make your claim strong for the vacancy. Having an influential social profile would make you stand-out among other other making a claim for the same job. This is why it is necessary to have a Facebook page and more importantly, have at least a few thousand likes on it. Likewise, a strong Twitter following and a LinkedIn profile would be an added advantage.

  • It’s all a numbers game

It’s a fact that numbers speak more than words. Especially, numbers that reflect public attachment hold special importance. This is the reason why budding singers, bands, fashion divas, popular stars, senators, politicians, authors, media agencies, all seek high social numbers; it ranks them high on social influence quotient. People pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to purchase Facebook likes. These artificial numbers help them rope in actual likes and followers.In fact, human psychology is such that it is attracted to huge numbers which could be in the form of likes, followers, views, dollars, etc. So, the more numbers you have to show-off, the more opportunities you would have in life.

  • To create engagement of your following

Just having a personal website is not enough to boost your brand, although it is a must. Holding onto the fans or customers is an important task to prevent them from swaying away towards your competitors. Keeping them engaged with your brand is how you maintain your following. A Facebook page is an ideal place for your followers to not only connect with your brand but also connect with each other. This is called social interlinking. You can create quizzes, polls about your brand to seek public opinion and keep them engaged. Giving away special gifts, prizes, exclusive offers would help attract more page likes. Creating campaigns on Facebook to earn likes is another effective strategy.

  • Make your presence felt

The worst humiliation is the humiliation of being ignored. Everyone wants to be heard. That’s why companies shell out dollars to advertise their products; hire famous personalities to endorse their products. In today’s competitive world, just one string is not enough to maneuver your following or customers. Multiple methods and avenues are tried to keep the customer and followers to keep coming back for your brand. Social engagement is the latest and by far the most successful way of connecting with your audience.Facebook page provides the free platform to showcase your brand to its billion users. Mass communication has been revolutionized by social media.

So, why should you buy cheap Facebook likes?

The connection is that paying money to acquire Facebook likes is no different from companies shelling out money to build large followings. For example, MTV is willing to spend a lot of money setting up parties for teenagers and the twenty-somethings to build the TV network’s following, thereby making it more attractive to advertisers. That’s exactly the concept behind buying likes for your brand page on Facebook; by doing so, your brand gains a marketing leverage that is no different from a media outlet spending money to build its brand. And if you get Facebook likes for cheap from us, there cannot be a better deal. Thus, from the standpoint of acceptability, buying cheap Facebook likes is no different from the marketing practices that celebrities and media outlets employ. They’re all acceptable — and effective — ways of of gaining a marketing advantage.

The arguments over buying cheap Facebook likes continue apace, with some being for the idea and some against.

The facts are that there are a number of advantages to buying cheap Facebook likes even though they are known to be fakes. Even politicians and superstars have bought cheap Facebook likes: it is calculated that of President Obama’s 30 million twitter followers around 70% are fake or inactive and the same applies to the 35 million followers of Lady Gaga. Narendra Modi, the prime ministerial candidate of BJP for the 2014 general elections, have been believed to have bought his social fans for his electoral campaign.

The benefits of having a large number of Facebook likes

Having a large Facebook following does a number of things.

  • Attracts real likes

If people see that you have a lot of followers, even if they are fake, they are more likely to become followers themselves. So, having cheap likes will generate you real followers without emptying your pockets.

  • Lends authority to your brand

To claim your expertise on something you need to establish it with proof. By having only have 50 likes on your page not many people are going to believe you. If you have 5,000 likes, suddenly you are an authority. People would be led to believe in your credentials even though and they would start following you by liking your page immediately.

  • Saves time and money

It is a lot easier to buy likes than it is to earn those. In order to earn them you have to keep writing posts and share content all day long which can be time consuming and tedious. For the price of a coffee  one can buy 1000 page likes. The market is flooded with suppliers ready to provide likes for as low as $8.00 for 1000 likes.

  • Provides value to your brand

Of course, having a big following makes you look important and for anyone in business it is important to look important! For example, let’s say you are a children’s entertainer; if you have 5,000 Facebook fans you are far more likely to get bookings than if you have just 50. You might run a band: having a large Facebook following will not only get you hired before the competition because you look important, but because of your following it will seem that you are likely to bring more fans to the venue for which you are being hired, thus making more money for the promoter.

ls buying cheap Facebook likes fair?

To make a judgment on the practice of buying cheap Facebook likes for page, we first have to decide whether or not accepting tweeting money is a fair practice. You’ll understand later why the two go hand in hand. A rational view would reveal that, paying money to get page likes is no different from endorsement deals on any platform, such as television and radio.

Celebrities are paid to endorse products in commercials, which they would never use themselves, and everyone finds the practice to be acceptable. In the same way, media outlets are also paid to air commercials, and again, the public doesn’t seem to have a problem with the practice. Correct brand endorsement by popular figures even sell even low quality products. Such is the power of brand endorsement by social figures.

Thus, it can be concluded that if the practice of celebrities being paid to endorse brands which they personally would never choose is acceptable, then there’s nothing immoral in paying agencies to your brand with likes on its Facebook page. All of these are acceptable marketing practices.

Buying Facebook likes is rational

You might wonder now whether buying automated Facebook likes is going to land me in trouble or not. But let me assure you that it is completely in compliance with Facebook’s policies (Read more). If the President of the United States has fake Facebook page likes, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t either. Let’s be honest, for twenty bucks you can have over 50,000 Facebook fans and look like a superstar.

How to buy Cheap Facebook Likes?

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Of course, you don’t have to buy fake likes if you do not find it convincing or safe. You can spend time and use software that searches and finds other Facebook users with similar interests to yours and automatically notifies them in the hope that they will in turn like your page. However, buying cheap Facebook likes is a completely legitimate practice and will help to put your brand on the map. At the end of the day, it is all about the numbers. Most people are impressed by numbers, so it just makes sense to get as many as you can. Go for the smarter way or the harder way, the choice is yours.