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Achieving the landmark of 1 million views on your YouTube video is a commendable feat for someone who is not a Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, or Justin Bieber.

The trick behind generating millions of YouTube views an a video seems obvious – already have millions of followers and fans.

But not everybody has such huge fan following to achieve the million view count in a matter of days or even months or years. And it becomes more so difficult if one is a newbie in his business. Then what does it take to have so millions of views on YouTube.

Is it luck?

Is it magic?

Is it money?

Is it awesome content?

Well luck does matter. Even meaningless and low quality videos have receive million views. But luck alone cannot work each time.

Technology is derived from human logic where only magical creativity exists but no spell to shoot views on YouTube.

Money if spent smartly can do magic. Wondering how? What if there were an option to buy 1 million YouTube views! What if only a few dollars could help you make 100 thousand or even millions of dollars through your video on YouTube! This is possible if you spend a few dollars to purchase YouTube views. See this person who made billions through YouTube.

So, where can I buy 1 million YouTube view cheap?

Though there are many options available but not just any is worth buying. In fact if you buy YouTube views from low quality suppliers you run the risk of getting your video deleted from YouTube due to spam.

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Coming back to the factors of achieving our ¬†dream figure of 1 million views, there’s no replacement for great content. You can certainly buy the first million views but the next millions you should look to earn through your content. Wow the viewers through your video and it would rain views on your video.

Nevertheless, buying YouTube views, just as your video hits the internet, is a wise option to increase views by leaps and bound.