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What’s new on followers-and-likes.com?

At followers-and-likes.com we try to deliver our best to our customers so that they get the desired result at the right time. As a result many of our customers have stayed with us for a long time. But having said that we always want to make things easier, convenient and quicker for […]

Do social media backlinks help in SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO as it is more commonly called, is the breathing air for websites that rely predominantly on search engine rankings for their commerce. It is a very widely covered yet not perfectly understood topic; it is a black box whose processing formulas are only known to […]



1 million YouTube Views

Wonder what it takes to get 1 million YouTube views! And that too within weeks. Woah!! Buy 1 Million YouTube Views Achieving the landmark of 1 million views on your YouTube video is a commendable feat for someone who is not a Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, or Justin Bieber. The […]

Twitter for Business

When you plan to set-up a business, its promotion becomes as important as its core functioning. Using social networking sites like Twitter is a great way of b2c marketing. Here are some of the reasons for Why should you use Twitter for your business?? Twitter is semi-official Twitter is not Facebook. Tweets […]

Twitter for business

Buy Instagram Likes and Followers

Increase revenue through Instagram likes

How you can use Instagram to increase revenue of your business? This article would tell you ways to use Instagram and social engagement to build more clients and generate more revenues. Internet is a great source to make money if you have the correct knowledge, especially using social networks. People […]

Buy Twitter followers

Buy Twitter Followers?

Why would you want to “buy Twitter followers“? What’re you gonna get by putting dollars in buying a few thousand followers for your twitter profile? Does it make sense? Well, I would certainly discourage you from buying some petty twitter followers who are not really connected to you. I totally […]

Increase Facebook Fans with Ease

1000 fans for just $8.00 Do you have a Facebook fan page of yours and you are fed up of not having enough followers or fans? Do you want to increase your Facebook fans? Do you have the craving to be at the top of the Facebook fan page list and become a star? […]