5 Points to keep in mind while buying followers and likes

Many people increase their follower count by buying followers and likes. There are various suppliers available in the market today offering packages for Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Instagram followers and likes and the same. But many end-up disappointed and duped after their purchase. Here I list 5 points to keep in mind while buying followers and likes.

1. Followers and likes purchased are not real

No matter where you purchase likes and followers for your social profile from, they cannot be real. The claim of “real and active” followers is totally false. The strategy that most supplier put forward to gather real followers for their users is that of matching profiles with similar interests. Through this method, your profile would be advertised all over the world in the hope that like minded or interested persons would follow you. One can certainly add a few hundred followers this way if your profile is attractive, but gaining followers and likes in thousands within just a few days or hours is totally impossible. So, do not be led into believing that you are buying real followers or likes.

2. Do not buy overpriced services

If you can buy 1000 Facebook likes for $8.00, 1000 twitter followers for just $2.50 and 500 Instagram likes or followers for just $4.00, why should you pay tens and hundreds of dollars for the same crafted likes and followers. These highly priced services are then resold to other suppliers and the website owners take their large cut. These services can be purchased for cheap at genuine suppliers like us.

3. How to distinguish real followers from fake ones?

One can easily determine whether a particular profile is of a real person or it has been made up to serve as fake ones. The trick is that fake profiles would in most cases have no profile picture, but all fake profiles would certainly have more following than followers. One can also buy high quality services which come with nearly real looking profiles with pictures, tweets, comments and followers etc., but the previous criteria is invariably true. having said that high quality profiles are the best buys if you do need to buy followers or likes.

4. Fake followers and likes would drop off your profile.

Since the purchased followers and likes are not real, the social sites try to identify and scrap off these profiles by regularly updating their algorithms. This curing action leads to a drop in purchased low quality profiles. Not all fake profiles are removed though. Good quality profiles have high retention time and do not get dropped so easily. The dropping rate is initially high after addition of followers but settles down after sometime. The drop rate is very high if you have fake followers in hundred thousands. To maintain the numbers, one has to regularly top up.

5. Always buy high quality followers and likes

Having mentioned all the downside of purchased fake followers, there are definite benefits of buying cheap followers and likes. Therefore, one should always opt for high quality services to maintain the following and prevent being caught by real followers. Real looking profiles are the ones that would keep you safe. Also buy from authentic suppliers like us who provide guaranteed free top-ups should your follower or like count decrease drastically. With us you can buy with assurance and never worry about being discovered.